I love Mumbai

Yes! I am from TamilNadu and I just Love Mumbai ­čÖé Not because Mumbai has the honored Gateway of India, the Beautiful Taj hotel or because Goa is easily reachable from here :p. I love the people, Its all about the people.

I was staying in Mumbai four years back, for a year and was working in a software firm. It was also the time while I am deeply depressed. Mumbaikars are the ones responsible for Who I am today. So want my first post to be a dedication to them.

That was when I understood the true meaning of Unity in Diversity. Mumbai Tamizhans loved me because I am a Tamizhan. Mumbai living South Indians Loved me because I am a south Indian. Maharashtrians loved me because I was a Guest in their land. All the other state people loved me because I was just like them. Everyone gave me all possible support and held me in their hands.

All of them fed me a lot of food and flooded me with Positive thoughts. I suppose that is the case with all the other states as well. That is what Indian Culture is all about.

Love thy self definitely should be everyone’s mantra but I┬ástrongly believe that we should show our Gratitude┬áto the Nicest aunty who had taken good care of us.

Spread JOY !! Spread Positiveness!!!.

PS: I wouldn’t mind Visiting Gateway of India and Goa as well ­čÖé

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